Happy Six Month Trampolinjury!

Today marks my six month anniversary since the trampoline incident. Time is a funny thing. The first two months went excruciatingly slow with limited mobility and not much physical activity besides my pool walking. I sort of fell off blogging with the New Year and the new job. I ran my first consecutive 3 miles on New Year’s Eve, and have slowly built up to my long run mileage of 8 miles. Actually, this Sunday, I’ll be running 9 miles! I can’t wait to hit double digits. Time has definitely started moving more quickly!

Recovery and rehab is still coming along. My ankle finally stopped swelling at five months just in time for me to roll my right ankle ever so slightly about three weeks ago on an early morning run. I know, no one has built me a bubble yet. I’ve had some light swelling associated with it since then, but hoping it goes away soon. Last week, I went to to Whistler and snowboarded two days. This was after a five year hiatus! It was like a riding a bike, and I managed to avoid any injuries. Snowboarding did bug my posterior tib so took it pretty easy on my second day. Also, thanks to Facebook memories, I was reminded that I had tendonitis in my right posterior tib. My doctor had asked if I had injured it prior because my MRI showed some thickening in that tendon. I had totally forgotten as it was just a small injury that didn’t take me out for more than a few weeks.

My race calendar is coming together and I’m cautiously optimistic. I deferred the NYC Marathon last year so I signed up this year (just had to pay again). I plan to run the Tacoma City Half Marathon at the end of April, Bloomsday as an easy run the weekend after, Ragnar NWP in July, Seawheeze in August, and NYC Marathon in November.

Now just to get rid of the tightness in my right high hamstring. I ended up developing a similar issue in my right leg as my left leg. My PT says it’s pretty common to develop it on the other side, but it still baffles me since it came on as soon as I started running. I had taken an almost three month break from running with the ankle sprain so have no idea how it could become so irritated.

2016 Year in Review


And just like that, another year ticked by. Happy New Year 2017! Looking back upon my 2016 included some high highs and some low lows. Looking back on the blog, it was filled with a lot of talk about ankle sprains. Le sigh. So what happened this year in the context of my 2016 goals.

Get healthy & start running again
I would say I achieved this goal, but should have said “get healthy & start running again, AND keep running.” I’ll amend the goal for this year. I began 2016 with running consecutive minutes after building up from 1 min on / 1 min off to 3 min on, 5 min on, 7 min on, etc. I was feeling good and out for my first 35 minute consecutive run and sprained my left ankle. While at the time, I thought it might be more serious, it turned out to be a pretty mild sprain and I only took off 10 days. I continued PT for both my hamstring and ankle sprain while building my base in March and April.

I decided that Iron Horse Half, August 28th, would be a perfect comeback race. I started an awesome 16 week training plan that Erin created for me with the goal of running a 1:48. The course is a point to point and downhill, I knew if my training went well a PR was within grasp. I’ve been chasing the sub 1:50 half for years now, but it was illusive.

TL;DR: I PRd my race and ran a 1:46:57 in my 19th half, but then disaster struck. #trampolinjury

Blog more!
I did blog more than 2015, but mostly about my ankle sprains and ankle sprain recovery. A severe grade 2 ankle sprain is no joke. Yesterday was my 4 month anniversary since the incident and I just started running 30 minutes consecutively as of last Saturday. This injury has been brutal and I feel like I spent all of 2016 in PT. I’m certain that I was Forefront Physical Therapy’s MVP for 2016. I hope to blog more about my training and other life moment’s in 2017. It is great to be able to look back.

Run a sub 1:50 half
See above!

Run 1500 miles
This definitely did not happen. In fact, I only ran 547 miles which is the least amount I’ve run in a year in at least 5 years.

Start doing yoga again
I went maybe 6 times which is triple the amount of times I went in 2015. I call this success!

Visit at least two new countries
I visited one new country, Switzerland.

Posture (repeating goal)
Still and forever will be working on this.

File under misc
Other highlights of my year include, selling my first condo, buying a new townhome, leaving Microsoft after 8.5 years, and starting a new job at Amazon.

2017 Goals

  • Stay healthy, avoid injury, and run a lot
  • Train happy and run the NYC Marathon
  • Run 1200 miles
  • Keep up a strength training and yoga program at home
  • Visit at least 3 new countries
  • Become more politically active
  • Posture (repeating goal)

Week 13: Ankle Sprain Recovery

It’s the 3 month anniversary of my grade 2 ankle sprain. I’ve continued to do PT and have spent the last couple weeks run / walking. I’ve slowly increased from the below run/walk schedule moving from 2.5 minutes of total running to 20 minutes of total running. Here’s my ramp below.

  • 15 seconds run / 1 minute walk
  • 30 seconds run / 1 minute walk
  • 1 minute run / 1 minute walk
  • 2 minutes run / 1 minute walk
  • 3 minutes run / 1 minute walk

I am pretty ecstatic about the prospect of 20 minutes consecutive running which hopefully is just around the corner.


Week 10: Ankle Sprain Recovery


Before I get into this riveting post on my ankle sprain recovery, I can’t help but mention we’re exactly eight days since our historic election. I am beyond devastated by the outcome as I was a strong Hillary supporter. I have a lot of thoughts about this, but for now will stick to my injury recovery as I want to remember this process.

  • 7 weeks: I started feeling my normal and was able to walk a lot more without pain.
  • 8 weeks: I was excited to have 2 months behind me of recovery and was told by my PT this would be the turning point. It was, I definitely started walking more and felt like I was getting closer to my normal life. I also got to run on the AlterG for the first time. It’s an anti-gravity treadmill so you can start running while still recovering. My first run was 70% weight-bearing. I ran 2 miles!
  • 9 weeks: I felt great last week physically and ran on the Alter G twice running at 25 minutes @ 75% then 30 minutes @80%. It was amazing. I even did 2 hours of yard work — raking & sweeping up leaves. Also, I went to the doctor for my follow-up and he told me that I had some laxity in my right ankle compared to my left, but I shouldn’t have any issues moving forward.
  • 10 weeks: This week I started to have a little pain and discomfort in one of my tendons/ligaments on the medial side. I think I may have done too much last week so I am taking it easy and trying to get my PT exercises in. I can tell that I’m doing better overall because I am not as disciplined with my exercises. Whoops!

This year has been dismal when it’s come to my running. Recovering from last October’s hamstring injury, slowly resuming running in January, trained for Iron Horse, PRd Iron Horse in August (that was a highlight), and then subsequently suffering from a grade II ankle sprain early September. I’ve run a grand total of 548 miles. Looking forward to starting to run outside soon and having a super healthy 2017. I have Seawheeze and NYC Marathon to look forward to so gotta stay healthy!

Week 6: Ankle Sprain Recovery

Hello! It’s actually more like week 6.5 of my ankle sprain recovery. After a week or so of slow improvements, I found that this week was quite a bit better when it came to swelling. My ankle is still swollen, but definitely not as bad as it was before. I’ve also started to be able to walk almost at my old pace with little to no pain. I’ll have some minor discomfort in my posterior tibial tendon though which is sad. I’m anxious to get to week 8 and putting the swelling and pain behind me. I’m not sure if it will happen by then, but I’m hopeful!

Week 5: Ankle Sprain Recovery


And, we’re headed into week 5 of my grade 2 ankle sprain recovery. This last week’s gains have been slow — slightly less swelling and a little more movement. I’m still waiting to walk normally, at a normal speed, with no pain or discomfort. I was all about the rehab this week with two PT sessions, one acupuncture session, one chiro session, plus 3 visits to the pool. My posterior tibial tendon is still angry and inflamed and is causing me the most problems. I’m hoping for it to calm down and not turn into PTTD. I googled PTTD and proceeded to freak out. I know never to play Dr. Google, but it’s tough sometimes when you’re looking for answers. Let’s see what another week of recovery looks like!

Back From a 7 Month Hiatus?

Well, I guess I just like to blog when I have an ankle injury. Yup, I have sprained my right ankle this time! I have had two sprains this year after having one my entire life. I guess this is what happens when you get old?

I’m not even sure how to recap 7 months, but I’m going to try! Essentially, my left ankle sprain in February was grade 1 and super mild. I was back to running within two weeks, and slowly starting building back up from my hamstring injury. Things went well and I started training for the Iron Horse Half Marathon in May. The race wasn’t until end of August, but I wanted to give myself plenty of time to build up mileage slowly. I had a great cycle and it was so awesome to be running with all my run buds. I was loving this summer with great am runs with friends. We also did a course preview twice for Iron Horse, it’s on the Twin Falls trail and is a point to point race starting at Olallie State Park then finishing in North Bend. It’s also a net downhill. I decided for my first half in over a year that I wanted to PR. Might have been a little crazy, but I had a great cycle and felt like I came back from injury even stronger than before.

Super short race recap: great weather, it was cool and cloudy for the start, carpooled with the run buds, had an awesome pacer in Dave for the last 2.5 miles, and held on and PRd by 3 minutes finally coming in under 1:50 to run a 1:46:57!

Followed race weekend with a trip to Glacier National Park and hiked over 30 miles in 3 days. I was feeling great and was thinking about running another half at the end of September…life had other plans. So how did I sprain my ankle? Poor life decisions: trampoline dodgeball. I thought how fun would it be to go to one of those trampoline gyms and hang out with friends. While it was fun until I got injured, it was not worth it! What did I do? I managed to roll my ankle both out and in and heard/felt this pop. Yup, inversion and eversion!! The worst part of it all was that I was thinking about skipping trampoline dodgeball and going for a run instead. I also thought, what if I get injured? Should have listened to that inner voice. Also, an aside, trampolines are crazy dangerous for adults. The amount of accidents I heard after mine was insane, e.g., torn MCLs and ACLs, etc. I advise anyone over the age of 13 to never get on a trampoline.

I knew immediately that this injury was bad. My friends drove me to the ER and while nothing was broken, I could not bear any weight on my ankle. Date of the injury, Wednesday, September 7th. I spent the first 5 days on crutches in my 3-story townhouse. It was horrible. I couldn’t bear weight until maybe the 5th day. I got an MRI on the 7th day, turns out I have a grade 2 ankle sprain and tore my ATFL, deltoid, and another ligament, bruised 2 bones, and angered my posterior tibial tendon. I was extremely sad for the first week and just full of regret. I knew that I wouldn’t be running for at least two months and that was a hard pill to swallow after spending all of 2016 rehabbing. I’ve had an unlucky last year and it took me a while to reconcile those feelings. On the 7th day, I started up pool walking and PT. Even in the pool there was posterior tib pain, but it was just nice to be walking.


After two weeks, I had finally accepted the injury and was just focused on my recovery and rehab. I guess the good thing about being goal oriented is that you can place milestones on injury recovery too. Mine were standing with equal weight on both feet, walking in my house, walking at work, and then taking an actual walk. For someone who loves walking, running, and being outside this injury has been brutal. After 2.5 weeks, I was able to stand neutrally and then added on taking a few half steps too. After 3 weeks, I was able to ditch the crutches and walk slowly, so slowly. After 3.5 weeks (Friday), I was able to take a short walk to the store. It was amazing! I’m still not walking normally and it doesn’t feel completely comfortable, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. The one lingering issue that I’m having is my posterior tibial tendon being inflamed and aggravated. I see some signs of improvement with pool walking (yup, still doing that) as I don’t feel my posterior tib in the pool now as of last Wednesday!

What rehab things have I been doing? Weekly PT, daily PT exercises, pool walking (3x a week), massage, ART, and will start acupuncture this week. Yup, I’m obsessed with rehab, but when you can’t walk, it’s pretty easy to be hyper focused. Initially, I had read grade 2 ankle sprains take 6 weeks to recover, and that seems pretty accurate based on my experience. I am hoping these next two weeks show a lot of improvement. My ankle is still swollen and hope that I can get rid of most of the residual swelling this week. I also hope to blog more and blog when I’m actually running well. This running blog has turned more into my injury blog. Still, when I wasn’t sure how serious my ankle sprain was, I scoured blogs looking for a runner who came back from a grade 2 ankle sprain. I couldn’t find a single one so figure I will write my experience in case it helps anyone. Seriously though, DO NOT GO ON TRAMPOLINES IF YOU’RE AN ADULT.